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Industrial Gas

Industrial gas is a kind of mixture of gasses that are manufactured for different usage in the industry. These gasses are majorly the mixture of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Acetylene, and Carbon di oxide and there are traces of the other gasses in small amount also like Neon, Argon, Helium, and Krypton etc. These gasses have different advantages attached to them. Let's discuss some of them and their usage in the industry.

Some of the industrial gasses and their usage

  • Oxygen: It is a well-known gas for reactivity. It is said to support the combustion and biological processes in the industry. It is used in making steel, fabrications and as well as in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals processing units. Oxygen apart from the industries is used in various hospitals as well to assist the patients.
  • Argon: It is an inert gas and well known for the same. The Argon is used to in steel industry to produce a high-quality steel and in growing the impurity free silicon crystals too.
  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen in its gaseous form is used to separate the various reactive metals from Oxygen. It forms a kind of potential shield and has been used to ensure the safety measures and in maintaining the quality in various appliances.
  • Neon, Krypton, and Xenon These are a kind of rarest gasses used in the atmosphere. They are present in very low concentrations in the atmosphere and have been known to be recoverable in large air separation units only. These gasses are monatomic and are known for its light emitting properties when charged electrically and for their chemical inertness.

Industrial gasses are used in almost all kind of industries like petrochemicals, biotechnology, food, water etc. From the examples, it is quite visible than in every sector the presence of these industrial gasses is there.

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