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Medical Gas

Medical gas is a kind of compressed air can be distinguished from others as it does not contain any contaminated particulates and gasses and do not have oil and odor and is dry enough for the liquid water never seems to be formed in the piping's. This is one of the easiest and cost-effective technique to achieve the oil less technology the compressors that have the medical gas supply like oil free tooth machines, oil-less reciprocating and the scroll are preferred for the same. Medical gas supplies are used in health care departments and in hospitals from quite a few years. It is a mixture of gasses in different proportions and i.e. Oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical vacuum etc. It is known by another name as lifesaving.

Types of Medical Gase

  • Oxygen: Oxygen is required when the patient has a requirement of supplemented oxygenation due to hypoxia and hypoxemia which is examined as insufficient oxygen in the blood. This system is used by doctors as a large system of liquid Oxygen which is said to be evaporated into a concentrated Oxygen.
  • Nitrous Oxide: It is also known as laughing gas and can be used as an anesthetic for the operation procedures. It is delivered in the hospitals and the health care centers in cylinders and is transferred at 345KPa.
  • Nitrogen: It is usually used to power up the various surgical equipment during various operations and other procedures and in other various testing.
  • Carbon Dioxide: Doctors use the Carbon dioxide to inflate various types of tissues and in laser surgeries too. It is combined with Oxygen and air for the treatment of a lot of respiratory disorders.

These are not all medical gas but occupies the major options. It is one of the lifelines in the hospital and for the patients, if it is absent for seconds to it is sufficient to create a havoc in hospitals.

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